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a change of date

so originally, i wanted to release “all’s fae in love and war” on halloween. the perfect time for a fun paranormal read, right? well, apparently that’s not going to happen. there’s a lot that goes into getting a book ready for release, and this is my first time doing it all on my own. while on paper it seemed like my plan was sound, it seems i have underestimated the total time suck that is…well, life. not just my life, but other people’s lives as well (who knew? apparently other people have things go on, too!). so, the release date for lil’s story is being moved to November 15th.

not to worry, though. i have some fun things planned to help tie you over until then. maybe some fun excerpts…give aways…a contest…? i’ll make it up to you, so stay tuned!


magically yours book 3 reveal!

introducing the third book in the “magically yours” series:

pink cover with owl

hope you’re as excited for this one as i am. but in case you need some more incentive, here are a few things you can expect in this story:

  1. a new familiar
  2. a new take on some familiar characters
  3. lots and lots of glitter

more to come soon, release date is tentatively set for october 31st!


hey, do you know what today is? the 5th! which means tomorrow is the 6th. and do you know what happens on the 6th? cover release!!

i’m pretty excited for the new magically yours book. i’ve been really loving being in lil’s head and telling her story. she’s so different from her predecessors and the cover, i think, really reflects that. so tune back in tomorrow, october 6th, for the cover reveal and a few clues about what to expect.

yay for fall!

i love the fall season. the nice crisp weather, the pretty leaves, the colorful decorations. i love the food and the specialty drinks that smell like cinnamon and nutmeg and oranges. and i absolutely adore curling up by a big window with a comfy blanket, while the wind blows the leaves about outside, to read a good book. Give me a mug of really awesome cider, and it’s my version of heaven.

so, halloween is coming and, no surprise i’m sure, but i love it, too. people say the christmas season feels magic, but i really think the magic starts around halloween. all that joy and fun in make believe. unfortunately, halloween is not a thing here in china, so i guess i’ll have to eat a bunch of candy by myself. with my cider. by the window. with a good book.

speaking of which, if you know anyone looking for some good halloween reads, pass along the new ad!

ad 5

coming soon…

so, i’ve been gone for a while. the kids and i made the round of family and friends in the states over the summer. then we had the big move to our new town in china. this was not a smooth move, but after a month of being here, we are mostly settled and i love it here!

so much that i’ve had a much easier time with the writing as i work on the next book! remember the magically yours series?  i’ve had a lot of questions about when i will have book 3 out. originally, it was going to be last year and it was going to be andi’s story. but it was put on the back burner and i worked on the bridesmaids instead. but i think it’s time to get back to the wacky gang at para-wise investigations! i’ve missed them! now, there is a change in the line up, though. i think andi’s story needs to simmer a little longer, but lil is totally ready to step up to the plate. i’m  pretty excited about this one. lil is a bit different from ana and lucy. she’s not as crazy as ana, not as grouchy as lucy. but she has a secret and a past her friends are unaware of, so of course it comes back to bite her.

coming the end of october, lillian aberdeen takes the stage. hit me up on social media or in the comments if you want a little more (i’ll answer two questions, with no spoilers, from the first two to find me!). cover reveal october 6th!

a little whine with my cheese

i hate moving. the whole process. i hate packing the most. it’s not just packing, though, is it? it’s the purging, deciding what goes and what gets donated and what gets trashed. it’s also the deep cleaning that probably should have been done long before now but wasn’t, so it’s even worse that it should be. it’s the arranging for shipping and loading and unloading. then the unpacking. then the organizing and the list of more things i have to get because i decided not to bring that other stuff and realized too late that i actually needed it.

but what i’m finding the hardest at the moment? the whining. not even my own whining (though you can probably tell i have quite a bit of that). it’s the kids’ whining. they, too, hate the whole process, you see. and i, being the adult, have to try and make it look good. point out all the positives. have a good attitude while i’m gritting my teeth and scrubbing the grease off of the counters and stove. “it’s going to be great, guys!” “you’ll get to meet new friends and see new places.” “you get a completely clean slate at school and can reinvent yourself to be whoever you want to be.” blah blah blah. and the nagging at them to have better attitudes themselves as they pack and purge and clean (hm…couldn’t think of a good alliteration for that one). i have discovered that half of good parenting is the attitude you portray.

so i’m whining only in my head (and on my blog…so, with my fingers), while i smile and sing and…something else positive with an “s” sound. because i’m a good freaking mom.

#parenting is hard.


love by the book” is available now! to celebrate, i slept. being in china is really hard on my party plans. but i did get to sleep in, so that was exciting.

while i slept, “love by the book” was doing awesome on the amazon lists! in two of the three categories it’s listed in, it is under 5K! now, i’m not normally a morning person, but this did get me to smile and even dance a little jig! happy reading!


laughing at love

so my newest release, “love by the book“, is a bit different from my previous work. for one, it’s my first straight up contemporary rather than paranormal or suspense. but more importantly, i’d say it has a different heat level. to be honest, i’ve been a bit nervous about that as the number of pre-orders has clicked up. some have asked why i’ve made that move and what that means for my future books. so here i will explain what’s going on.

first, this book does not have any graphic sex. i didn’t take that big of a step away from my norm. when i say the heat level is higher, keep in mind that the heat level for the previous three was pretty low. this one is more descriptive and has more steamy moments, but no actual sex.

second, there is a good reason for this change! see, i like to poke fun. laughing is a big part of my life. while i absolutely love the romance genre, i have to admit that there’s quite a bit of the ridiculous in it! this book is sort of my ode to bodice rippers. you know bodice rippers, yes? my odes happen to be in the form of teasing. so “love by the book” is my way of teasing the world of bodice ripper romance. in order to do that, there are a couple of things that have to be addressed…such as the smexy scenes.

third, this means very little for my future works’ heat level. my focus will remain the same as i go ahead. you can always expect romance with a bit of sass, some good laughs, and an HEA.

so, that’s it. “love by the book” is a light-hearted read with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor at the expense of our beloved romance genre…a bit of total sticking the tongue out irreverence here and there, as well. enjoy!

the reality of adulthood

so my kids are constantly saying how grown ups are so lucky. “they get to do whatever they want” and “they don’t have to do what their parents or teachers tell them” and, of course, “they don’t have homework.” usually, i inform them that being an adult is not as much fun as they think, that it comes with a lot of stress and responsibilities. but as i have taken a few days off to celebrate finishing “love by the book”, i’ve realized something. it really is so much better being a grown up! honestly, i don’t think you could pay me to go back to childhood, or even those “awesome” teenage years i’m dreading my kids hitting. ugh, it was terrible. and i always thought it would be great to be an adult. when i talk to my kids about it, though, i point out that it’s not like they seem to think, where we can just run around, completely without rules or demands on us, having one big party of a life. but there really are some of the great things i always thought of as a perk of adulthood.

so, my list of examples of life being exactly the way i thought it would be:

  1. yesterday, i had doritos for breakfast. and lunch. in bed. while i played on the computer.
  2. i get whatever junk food i want at the store, and don’t have to share!
  3. i can stay up as late as i want, just reading or watching a movie
  4. i don’t have to be home from hanging out with friends at any particular time
  5. i can watch whatever i want

these things have made my adulthood soooo much better than childhood. yes, there are stresses that i didn’t have as a kid…but overall, i think the trade off is worth it. bottom line, the kids are right. being a grown up is awesome. which is good, since i can use it as incentive for them to behave well enough through those difficult teenage years to get to the  fun stuff as an adult.

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