so when i started writing full time, i thought it would be a good idea to set up a facebook page under my pen name. seems logical, right? in fact, it seems rather imperative these days. shouldn’t be too hard since i already use facebook pretty regularly. so i set up a separate page under “randa flannery”. then i quickly forgot about it. see, jumping back and forth between two pages got to be too much for me…. there’s the logging out, then logging in with a different name and password, then repeat. anyway, then my kids got out of school for the summer and we were traveling and such, and i forgot my password. doh! not a huge deal, i supposed, since i wasn’t really using the page anyway. i had pretty much quit using it about a week in, so i hadn’t even accumulated much in the way of…sorted? 

well, today i started the RWA class on networking through social media in preparation of “Missing” being published. the first lesson was about being active on facebook and blogs (yeah, i know…i’ve neglected the blog, too…but i was traveling! and, to be honest, i had to reset my password here, too…i should really start writing these things down). so, determined to do it right this time, i got the password reset for my author page, but then got this really great idea that i should merge the two pages for convenience sake. brilliant! well, apparently it’s so cutting edge that they haven’t even offered it yet. bummer. but i’m a smart girl, so i was sure i could figure this out. 

i found this option on my settings that said “create a page”…brilliant! so i figured i could just delete my second facebook profile, the one under my pen name, and just recreate it under my personal profile. so i did. first, i had to download all the info from the page i was deleting, post a comment that i was deleting the page, and then request facebook actually do so. then i went back to my personal page and created an actual “author” page (one of the options they offer you when creating a page to be managed by one account). done!

or not. did you know that you can not use an “author” page to comment on other people’s pages? Or like them? Or even add friends to the freaking page? how am i supposed to network with people on there if i can’t even friend them? i’m a very social person, i need friends! on top of that, it kept switching the name i was using to comment on the page itself! can’t we all get on the same page?! i mean, not the same page, obviously. since that was the problem. we were all on the same page…. anyway….

solution? someone suggested that i start a separate pages for my regular pen name and then use the other as my “fan” page. lol. yes, let’s get more complicated! so my personal account manages my fan page, but my pen name is completely separate? um…hm. okay, so obviously i had to change it again. even though i’d already accumulated likes and follows in the hour that lapsed between creating the page and deleting it again. *sigh* so i deleted the page i’d just created, letting all of those who’d already followed and liked know. then i opened another facebook account under the pen name…and then created the author page from there…but did not activate it yet. after all, i haven’t actually published the book yet. i figure i’ll need something to challenge me again later, too, so i’ll just save that task for later.  

that done, i turned to twitter. oh, my. not even going to try to get cute with it. so i just created an account for it under my pen name, completely separate from my personal account, and called it a day.