so when i was in college, i may or may not have been dumped by my first “serious” boyfriend. looking back, i’m not sure why i even went out with this guy. he was obviously not the kind of guy to have a serious relationship with (if a nineteen year old even knows what a serious relationship is). all the signs were there, but i naively ignored them until after he’d dumped me. allegedly dumped. because i may or may not have been….

anyway, i found myself in pretty good company when i gorged on marshmallow cream and crab legs (hey, you have your comfort food, i had mine…and i didn’t eat them together). it turned out that i was not the only, or even the first, girl to have her heart broken by such a guy! hard to believe, i know. so these other possible dumpees and i did what any self respecting broken-hearted teenagers would do: we made lists. lists of what we wanted in a boyfriend, and lists of what we absolutely did NOT want and would stay away from. and then, of course, we vowed to live by these lists. which, of course, none of us actually did. i mean, seriously, did anyone at that age ever stick to their list? pretty sure that list was gone after the first month of us haughtily quoting and touting it about.

a lot of women can remember making similar lists, though. we don’t remember what we learned in biology, but we certainly remember those freaking lists! do you remember yours? did you stick to it? what was on it?

Tessa Brooks remembers hers. she, in fact, still has it. she still lives it seven years later. you can read her story next year in The Dating Don’ts (book 1). leave me a comment about your list and maybe it will make it into the books!