ever look around while you’re working, regardless of where you work or what you do, take it all in and think: what the heck was i thinking getting into this?!

i love my job (#ilovemyjob) but i’m not going to lie, it definitely has it’s ups and downs. the whole process can be frustrating and exhausting. it’s also draining a lot of days, to take what’s inside of you and try to translate it onto paper. it brings to life the picture of peter pan trying to catch his wayward shadow. each story is a piece of me, not just a random idea. i put a lot of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears into them. i lose sleep over them like i would one of my kids. i fight with them and wrestle them into submission…like i do my kids (kidding…sort of). i nurture them and coax and plead with them…like i do with – ok, you get the point. i love doing what i do. but it’s not always fun.

so, i do sometimes stare at my screen and the mess i’ve made of my desk and look in the mirror at the dark circles under my eyes and the crazy hair that i probably haven’t brushed in a couple of days, and ask myself WHY?!?! why did i get into this?

but today is not one of those days. in fact, today is one of those days that make all of the others totally worth it. i feel validated and accomplished and all out awesome. because today, i am holding a finished manuscript in my hands. i’m giddy. i’m scared. i’m procrastinating the editing process until tomorrow. because today is reserved for basking. i will sit back with my feet up on the coffee table and tweet my success, facebook my friends, catch up on emails, and make sure that EVERYBODY knows that i finished another one. i’m going to brag (subtly, of course) to anyone unlucky enough to be on my contacts list, friends list, and twitter contacts today. then i’m going to just sit and smile and remind myself that this is why i am a writer. i have to make it memorable, because once those edits start, chances are i’ll be back to the WHY?!?!?! i’ll return to my dark writer’s cave (which isn’t actually dark at all…just a little messy) and work my fingers to the bone, contemplating each suggested change as though it’s about life or death, bang my head on the keyboard and gnash my teeth. then i’ll think about today, and find just enough energy to continue.

so, in my basking, let me give you a bit of a peek at what i hold in my hands (or rather, what is laying beside me as i use my hands to type). alex lucas (http://www.pinterest.com/randaflannery/sam/) needs a change of luck and a wedding date. sam lincoln (http://www.pinterest.com/randaflannery/sam/) can be both…but neither in the way she was thinking.