so i decided to take a bit of a break after finished three manuscripts and all of the queries and submission packages and whatnot, and relax.

but i can’t. because you know what i realize i do when i am stuck in a manuscript? i write parts of another one. know what i do when i’m bored? i write. know what i do when i could and should be doing other things? i write! look at what i’m doing now!!

my way of relaxing after spending a long time on one manuscript is to work on a different kind of story. the novel i just finished is a romantic comedy, contemporary. the one i was writing to relax between blocks is a paranormal or urban fantasy. that is my version of taking a break.

i realized that i am quite possibly addicted to penning these stories, which is both a blessing and a curse. i drift off in conversations or movies or (sorry, hon) dates to think about a story that is circling around in my head. they keep me up at night and they invade my dreams. in fact, i try to force myself to dream about them (unfortunately, not very effective…yet i still try. what was that definition of insanity again?).

i keep a list on the computer, tablet, and in a few notebooks i carry around in my ginormous mom bag, even making an initial outline for them with character bios and important notes while i’m sitting in the car waiting to pick my kids up. i went through them today (while so NOT relaxing) to decide which project to tackle next so that i could start planning. and it took me about an hour to look through them. i got really frustrated because i have so many that i want to be working on at the same time, but realize that it just isn’t possible. yet i feel bad for leaving them in that folder for too long. these are like living, breathing things to me (and now you’re calling the men in white coats, right?) and i feel like i’m just locking them away in the closet. but no more!

here is what i’ve decided to do: i have a website (as you probably know by now) that i mainly use to promote the books i’m pretty much finished with. in order to alleviate some of the restlessness in my mind concerning these stories that need written, but that i don’t have time to finish all at once, i’m going to give them some breathing room on my site. have you heard of kindle serials? they are kind of like soap operas, coming out in episodes, but are all part of a single story. that is what i will do with mine. i will publish pieces at a time on the site. it will be free, at least at first, to my followers. i’m so excited to get this started!

the first one will be a paranormal romantic comedy with a snarky heroine. here is my inspiration:

keep an eye out for Love the One You’re Witch, coming soon!