wow. i have to say that ‘love the one you’re witch’ got a lot more attention than i was expecting! thanks to all who read and spread the word to others. you guys rock!

now that it’s finished, however, i’ve been neglecting the blog. and the site. and my house…. unlike the house cleaning, though, i actually felt a bit guilty for not keeping up with my followers. so, this is me, checking in!

i haven’t been completely lazy (though i do admit to a nap the other day…i like to think of it as an effective tool to combat writer’s block). in fact, i have been rather crazy busy! so here is what i’ve been up to and what you will hopefully be looking forward to announcements on the same as me:
1.  i entered two manuscripts into the RWA Golden Heart contest

2. i have sent out a few queries for Missing, and will probably do so for a couple of other manuscripts as well.

3. i an preparing to enter “the write stuff” competition, which means a lot of editing and polishing of a book i’ve i hope to use.

4. RWAu class (i love these classes. i’ve taken a few and they’ve been really helpful)

5. participating in the Ruby Slipper Sisters Winter Writing Festival

6. writing. writing. writing…a new manuscript

so there it is…my exciting life. almost everything i do…okay, everything i do, involves me sitting on my butt at the computer.  ah, the glamorous life of a writer. see new worlds, experience adventure and romance, meet dynamic and interesting people…without getting off of your butt or changing out of your pajamas. (actually, i do change out of my pajamas so i can take the kids to school…then i put them back on when i get home again)

anyway, to thank you for sticking around, i’ll let you in on my newest project. it’s an urban fantasy novel, book one in a series of three, possibly four. it combines the humor of ‘love the one you’re witch’ with some darker undertones and a lot more action and romance (love the one you’re witch was rather short, so didn’t leave much room for that AND character and story development). the heroine has something in common with a famous disney character…and hates it. there’s a werewolf in love, a vampire who wants to surf, a witch too nice for her own good, a Hunter, a Slayer, and….well, let’s just say it’s a cross between a disney cartoon and buffy the vampire slayer. a fairy tale on crack. but not.

if you’ve been following me on pinterest, go to my board for Griff for a bit of a peek at what’s driving me. 😉