it was really hard for me to stick to my style of not capitalizing for the title of this post. i’m excited. and nervous. but mostly excited…but just barely.

in case the title was just too vague, my debut novel “missing” has an official release date! you can actually pre-order it on july 5th, and the release is JULY 15th!! (sorry. couldn’t help it that time)

want to see something cool? BAM!!

Book-06 (1)

you can also find it on the icasm press website,

if you don’t already, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. i’ll post more info as the time draws closer, and i’ll try to have something fun set up for the release day that will include prizes! now you can be excited and use capital letters, too.

in other news, i’m gearing up to head to new york city soon for the rwa conference where i will probably forget myself for a while and be a total fan girl. if you see me, come get a pic and post it on fb or twitter and i’ll get run a drawing for a fun prize then, too.

while i’m ecstatic about “missing” coming out, i’m not ready to take a break and bask. i’m hard at work on another project that i’ll post about in the not too distant future, so stay tuned!