so i attended my first rwa conference in new york city. it was crazy and enlightening and all kinds of cool. i attended workshops by liliana hart, jude deveraux, susan elizabeth philips, d. c. stone, jayne anne krentz, and more. i learned a lot about the craft and the business, but i think my fav part is captured in the pics below, where i totally got my fan girl on.

20150725_040057[1] i have loved reading this woman’s books for longer than i can remember and, though i never thought of myself as the kind of person who would get all starry eyed in the presence of celebrity, i have to admit that i stuttered and gushed and made a complete dork of myself in front of her. and then i forgot to get my pic with her…twice. it was the last day i was there that i finally managed to have a normal conversation with her and get the pic. in case you couldn’t tell, that’s jayne anne krentz (aka amanda quick, aka jayne castle).

20150723_060833[1] this is the fabulous jill shalvis, author of, among others, the lucky harbor series, which i love! she is also the poster of fine hero specimen pics on facebook, which only makes us love her more.

20150723_060203[1] the queen, nora roberts, signing a book for my mom (that is how great of a daughter i am, giving up my only copy for her). the pic, though, will be going on my wall.