so we decided to take a trip up to niagara falls on the way to rwa in nyc. it was pretty awesome. we weren’t content to stay on our side of the border, though, and made the quick trek over to canada for a different view. here’s a good tip for you. if you make this same trip, be sure to bring change. there is no sign going through that prepared us for the moment when we are trying to get back and find that there is a toll to do so. while my hubs ran around looking for an atm (a fun fact: the change machines at the toll only take 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s. atm’s dispense in 20’s…), i had to explain to my kids that we didn’t have any canadian money for the toll or any of the various touristy items for sale. once we finally made it back onto american concrete, it was pretty late and the only places open around us to eat were cash only (what?! what tourist area establishments don’t take credit card?), which made finding dinner an interesting adventure that ended with undercooked hotdogs and fries that were hastily packed up and tossed when a fight broke out in the food booth. so we got back onto the interstate to make our way to nyc when we realized that road tolls were another problem. after the family scrounged around for all the change we could find (since my debit card had been frozen for suspicious activity after being used in canada), we were, at last, on our way. i think the whole ordeal may have traumatized our kids, since the next day, #2 turned to me with worried eyes to tell me, “mom, we don’t have any new york money!” but it’s okay. #1 assured her that we could just get some more from the bank. they always have money.

favorite quote from niagara falls: hubs, upon crossing the border into canada. “welcome to the metric system.”

new york sign niagar falls