friends 1

every troubled heroine needs an awesome and equally troubled (though in a far different way) bestie. for rowan, i give you farrah lewis.

farrah is the prozac to rowan’s crazy life. she is the calm and the comedy that ro so desperately needs, but she also keeps her grounded. when rowan asks her a question, she answers it honestly rather than pleasingly, because that’s what we want from a close friend. farrah is a genuine and gentle person, but she also tells ro, and everyone else, how it is, not pulling her punches. but in a loving way. well…unless you insult her livingroom decor. then it’s on like donkey kong.

i loved so much about farrah that i couldn’t help but give her her own story line, though it is much smaller than ro’s. she’s not the main character, but she’s a full character. she is not simple filler for the main story. she’s a real part of it.

farrah, like ro, is realistic (as realistic as a fictional character can be). she’s not perfect, she’s not one dimensional. she has flaws just as the rest of us do. which brings me to the main reason i enjoyed the friendship between ro and farrah:

it’s not a one sided relationship. it’s not one of those where it’s always one friend relying on the other. i hate books where best friends are only brought in when the main character needs them. best friend relationships should be balanced, and this one is. rowan helps farrah just as much as farrah needs rowan. isn’t that how real relationships work? well, that, and this:

friends 2

to get to know farrah (and the other characters) better, check out the character pages on the website, and read “missing“.