i am not what anyone could call computer savy. i can type pretty well, and i can email like nobody’s business. beyond that, though? i’m pretty hopeless. case in point: the website. ugh. just the thought of updating it gives me a headache…because i immediately start banging my head against the desk. tylonel can’t help that. i have spent the past couple of days trying to get some crucial information up on there with nothing to show for it but wrinkles and a couple of dents in my laptop…that we will not be telling the hubby about.

because the time to get this information out is getting short, i’ll just post it here first and continue to torture myself with the site afterwards. here is what you need to know:

missing is going on tour on october 8th! why does that date seem familiar to you, you might ask. well, because that is also the day the new book, love the one you’re witch, releases! so, lots of good things to come.

for missing, here are the blogs that will be featuring us that entire day:

1: BooksChatter
2: Long and Short Reviews
3: Edgar’s Books
4: Harps Romance Book Review
5: Stormy Nights Reviewing & Bloggin’
6: Dawn’s Reading Nook
7: Raine Delight’s World
8: 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!
9: Harlie Williams, Writer
10: StarAngels Reviews
11: Coffee Books & Art
12: CBY Book Club
13: Straight from the Library
14: Writer Wonderland
15: Romance Novel Giveaways
16: The Simple Things in Life
17: Unabridged Andra’s
18: SolaFide Self-Publishing and Book Blog
19: Margay Leah Justice
20: Romorror Fan Girl
21: Hope. Dreams. Live… Love
22: The Snarkology
23: Reviews by Crystal
24: Queen of the Night Reviews
25: FictionZeal.com

come by and check them out, read reviews and discussions. if you participate, you are eligible to win a prize! then come back here and comment and you could win another one! i’ll be by each one a few times throughout the day to participate, as well, so i hope to see you there!

in more news, i’m going to be on the radio soon! more on that coming soon (hopefully via the site), but plan on listening in on october 13th and you can win yet another prize!

okay, i think that’s the most critical info for now. i suppose i’ll head back to the dreaded site work and keep banging my head. unless there’s something else you want to talk about? anything? please…?