so, i’m back at my desk after my little break for the holiday (chinese holiday…don’t ask me the name, i don’t really know, but the kids were out of school, so it’s a good one, and it actually ended a week ago, but then i had to recover from the holiday…you know how it is). love the one you’re witch has released and is awesome! getting some really great reviews, which makes me pretty darn happy. the blog tour for missing also went well. thanks to all who were involved!

the blog tour for love the one you’re witch starts on monday, the 26th. It will run for two weeks. i’m thrilled with this tour already and i’ll tell you why. i’ve already finished the interviews and guest posts they asked me to do, and each one is different. some are interviews of me, some are interviews of characters (which may be my favorite). like i said, each one is different, so you’ll get something new at each stop. and then, of course, someone will win a prize!

onto updates! so, book two for the magically yours series is at the editor’s as we speak and should be back to me at any moment (and you’ll know when that moment comes because you’ll hear the banging of my head on the desk and the gnashing of teeth as i attempt to cut it all up, stir it around, and sew it all back together). i’m excited for this one and will be revealing the cover soon! the title i will probably reveal even sooner, so stay tuned.

while i’m waiting for the revisions to start, i’ve been doing the preliminary work for book 3, which basically means i’ll be cruising pinterest for hot guys to play the lead role for the next few days. it’s a tough job, but don’t worry. i will not give up until i have found the right one. no matter how many pics of perfect abs, sculpted pecs, chiseled jaws, and spiky hair i have to look at.

if you’ve ready love the one you’re witch, you should now know which hero i’m following in book 3. if not, head over here to get it, so you can be prepared.