familiar 3

every good witch needs a familiar. and for a witch as sassy as ana, that familiar needs to be a little something extra.

enter: oliver

ollie is not your run of the mill black cat. this guy has personality to spare, and a little secret of his own. or perhaps, not so little?

ollie has been with ana for three years, but not many of her friends really know anything about him other than that he’s small and fluffy, and gives werewolves a bit of the creeps. he is more than just a pet, however. he’s a friend, partner, protector, and personal valet. and his vocabulary is pretty impressive.

here are some fun facts about our favorite feline familiar:

  1. he’s named after oliver queen, from arrow.
  2. he’s a specially trained therapy animal…for a specific kind of therapy.
  3. he’s been a kitten for years.
  4. he hates broom travel and has destroyed ana’s last two brooms so she can’t use them.
  5. he’s a lot heavier than he looks.

if you haven’t already, get “love the one you’re witch” and get to know ollie!