so i’ve gettin’ around lately, and not in that way. mind out of the gutter, people.

i’ve been hanging out at a couple of my favorite stops on the tour lately. there’s an interview of me on JBIGGARBLOG-IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ROMANCE . that one was a lot of fun. then over on BooksChatter, there’s not only a great interview, but they’ve put on the playlist i used while writing “love the one you’re witch”. i love that. i almost always have playlists for my stories, theme songs or artists for the main characters, and mood music for certain scenes. can you guess which ones from the playlist on BooksChatter were for whom or what in the book? and most recently, i’m on The Reading Addict where i get to talk about my favorite author and how she inspired my writing. check it out. you might be surprised who it is…

only a few days left until the tour ends. have you entered the drawing yet? head over to one of the posts on the stop and get on that!