the blog tour for “love the one you’re witch” was great and i got a lot of good questions about ana’s hero, lucas vincent. people want more of this guy, and i can’t blame them! so i dug back in the blog archives and found this post from a while back, before i was picked up by a publisher and i was planning to just have the whole story (albeit much shorter) as a blog post series. i loved this post because you get to be inside his head and get a bit more intimate with him. enjoy!


he’s no edward cullen…thank the goddess! this 260 year old vampire is tall, dark, and scrumptious with a penchant for cheesy pick up lines he’s stolen from movies. what do you think? is this what you were picturing for the hunky hero of ‘love the one you’re witch’? feel free to send me some photos in the comments of guys you think fit the romantic vamp. in the mean time…how about a snippet from the man’s own side of the story?

I brace myself before I approach the door, trying to gather my patience. Erica has been grating on the last of it for weeks. I can’t take much more, not of the constant pawing or of the guilt. I’m hurting my brother. It’s as unintentional as it is undeniable. I used to envy him, what he has with Erica. Had with Erica. No one could envy what he has with her now. Well…maybe I do. I wish that she would turn her eyes away from me, not want to touch me, completely reject me right now. I want love and companionship and forever…but not like this.  I heave another breath and try to bolster my spirits for the sake of my family. Everyone is tense. We’ve been walking on egg shells around each other all month. They don’t blame me, not really. But they also don’t know how to deal with this, with me. They feel sorry for me, yes, knowing that I am not enjoying my sister-in-law’s attentions, but they also can’t help but be aggravated. Hell, I’m aggravated with me, and I know I haven’t done anything to deserve it. What a damn mess.

I turn the knob and step inside, prepared to face my strange fate again, when it hits me. It’s like walking into a kitchen where cookies have been baking all day. It makes the mouth water, the stomach wake, and the mood lift. I feel a smile break my frown for the first time in a while. Something’s different. Something in this house… There’s a sort of sparkle in the air and it tingles along my skin. I quicken my pace toward the voices ahead of me when a new one stands out, a silken sound that wraps around me like a lead, tugging me faster. I feel anxious and out of control as something beckons like a promise. She’s here, it whispers. At last!

I feel clumsy, like my feet won’t work right, as I reach the living room, my eyes darting around the faces there, and finding one. I stop, not sure I can move, as I take her in, imprinting her in my immortal mind. Her long hair is a waterfall of blond curls, her face the shape of a heart with a pert nose and a sharp chin . Her eyes are the color of jade and shine with a wry humor that suggests she’s laughing at us all. The set of her cupid’s bow mouth invite us to either join in the joke or, possibly, kiss off.  She’s absolutely perfect. A long dormant part of me, the primitive part that makes our kind dangerous, stirs in response. It lifts it’s head and stretches in anticipation, sending my blood rushing at the urge to claim. 

Erica’s shriek breaks my trance. “And they brought you here to take him from me.” Tanner is quick to put our sister-in-law back in her place and I move into the room, needing to get closer, for her to acknowledge and recognize me as I had her. 

“So who’s the lucky guy?” 

I love the dry sarcasm in her tone and my eyes have latched onto her full lips as they twist and turn up in a smile that matches it.  I manage to finally find my voice when I am only a few feet from her. “I am.”

I hold my breath, waiting for what seems like hours but could only have been seconds, for her eyes to lift to mine. And know what it is to be owned.


that’s it for now, peeps. hope you liked the trip into his head. now here’s some more pics of my lucas muse

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