so there is a lot i could be doing right now. should be doing, really. there’s the new book to be writing (and if you’re my publisher, that’s what i’m doing…), ads i should be making for the new release (out one week from today, if you didn’t know), christmas decorations to be putting out (or buying…unless you’re my husband, in which case, we’ve had those for years…), presents to be ordering, my desk to be organizing, some abs to be crunching, and perhaps some dinner i should probably eat.

but that’s not what i’m doing. instead, i’m watching my kids’ pet mice digging and jumping around in their cage. i just checked the clock, and i’ve apparently been doing this for about forty-five minutes.

so, in that same spirit (the spirit of procrastination), why don’t i tell you about the characters in the “magically yours” series? that’s sort of like work, right?

it’s a five book series focused around the women at a st. louis PI firm.

1st, there’s ana from “love the one you’re witch” (which is out and getting good reviews in case you haven’t caught it yet). she’s a witch with a healthy aversion to vampires. her best friend is her familiar, ollie, who is just as unique as his mistress.

next, there’s lucy, the star of “wherever you go, were you are” (due out on the 8th). lucy’s a werewolf about to learn a whole new meaning to “eating your feeling”.

the rest of the crew is made up of andi (human office manager/receptionist), jazz (sort of jack-or-all-trades consultant for the firm), and liliana (another witch PI). in addition to the ladies, there’s their boss, eddie, and alpha werewolf ethan.

and now these mice are staring at me. one is actually standing on another’s back. staring at me. that’s not creepy at all.

apparently i am not going to get any work done tonight.