so recently i’ve had a lot of comments about the dialogue in my stories. specifically, it has been pointed out how great it is (i was going to be modest here, but there was just no helping it), and then most people will ask if i have the lines planned out before i start the writing or does it come as i write. generally, the dialogue comes as i write, but every now and then i’ll have the quips and little jokes first and then build a story around them.

case in point, “wherever you go, were you are”.

if you haven’t noticed from the blurb here or the few excerpts i’ve put out lately, a major part of this story takes place in the world of male strip clubs. the reason for this is because of a joke i heard long ago in college. from my husband. it’s such a simple joke, really only one or two lines, but it has been a rather long running theme in our almost 13 years of marriage. so, obviously, it deserved some time on paper, right? it got a whole paragraph in lucy’s story, and it is good. in fact, i even included a few other little bits from my college days with the now-husband that close friends will recognize, and have giggled many times as i’ve reviewed them in sentimental remembrance. and to think, i didn’t believe college would do me any good when i was going.

on the other hand, there was another joke i really wanted to use, just something little and cheesy, but couldn’t make it fit. so i’m saving it for the next one, due out next year.

so check out book 2 in the “magically yours” series, “wherever you go, were you are” on december 8th and see the joke that started the story. not started started. it’s not at the beginning. but the joke that the story grew from. you know what i mean.