have you heard?! new book is coming out in just one more day! calm down. i know you’re excited, so to tide us all over, here’s the deets on the heroine of “wherever you go, were you are”:

name: lucy lyle

occupation: private investigator

special skills: glaring, growling, tossing muscle bound jerks, put downs, cynicism, super smell, keen hearing, morphing into a hulking wolf

weaknesses: sweets (especially cinnamon rolls)

lucy has a bit of a chip on her shoulder (possibly a chocolate chip). she’s brash and bold, and simply does not suffer fools easily.

i love this character for her dry humor and thumb-her-nose attitude. despite the popularity of werewolves in the film and book industry, she realizes that females of her species are not as well received. the resulting experiences have made her a bit harder on the outside. possibly also on the inside. she’s not really hiding a romantic side. she doesn’t play games. she simply is what she is, take it or leave it.

lucy has sworn off dating humans, but not because she’s afraid or prejudice. after all, her own mother was human. her reasons go a little bit deeper than that

i find that i relate to this character more than i have to ana (love the one you’re witch) and rowan (missing). she’s not as analytical as ro and not as casually crazy as ana. lucy is more down to earth. she has a touch of angst and brooding to her, but not too much because that would just tick her off.

so while i was looking or pics to share of the inspirations i used for her, i came across these:

lucy wolf 3lucy wolf 2lucy wolf

cool, right?! perfectly captures the whole werewolf thing, i thought. i really enjoyed showing the relationship between lucy and her wolf. i put a bit of a different spin on how it all worked rather than following the general “rules” so strictly. some of those just didn’t make a lot of sense in civilized society.

if you want to see lucy’s pinterest board, go here. you’ll find pics of her, the wolf, and a few extras. and if you want to see the actual rendering of the character, check out the character page on the website (hopefully i have her up on there by the time you read this, but i can make no promises. i may get distracted by her hero inspirations here).