i am one proud mama right now. lucas, from “love the one you’re witch” made the list of best book boyfriends of 2015 here! check out the number 1 spot and leave a comment to let them know how you agree!

with lucas getting some much deserved love, however, i thought it might be time to show off walsh a little more. lucy’s love from “wherever you go, were you are” is not your typical alpha hero. much like lucas, he thumbs his nose at the stereotype of the domineering lead, yet still accomplishes his goals and gets the girl.

he’s easy to underestimate, even for a sharp tack like lucy, because he’s so unassuming. he’s easy going and unaggressive, yet determined and persistent. raised by a mother and three older sisters, he has more than his fair share of manners and chivalry. he’s also learned more effective ways of managing that completely circumvent most fights.

don’t let that laid back persona fool you, though. he’s more than willing to get into the thick of things when the situation calls for it.

and did i mention his buns?

to check out the inspirations for walsh on pinterest, go here

eventually, i will get him and lucy up on the character page of the site, but i can’t promise when. so far, the site upgrading is driving me crazy—er. soon, though. like…sometime in the next month? *sigh*