i get along great with my editor. i’ve had the same one for all three of my currently released books. i’ve never actually met her or talked to her on the phone. all communication has been done through email, so i’ve never heard this woman’s voice.

and yet, she’s there in my head! as i write, as i outline, and as i sleep during the weeks leading up to deadline (shiver).

and now, as i read other people’s books.

lately, i’ve read a lot of new-to-me authors, and encountered an apparently newly acceptable writing style. the tell, don’t show type. the kind where everything is completely listed out in rambling passages that supposedly come from a hero or heroine’s pov. it drives me crazy, to be honest, and i can feel my face twisted up as i read into a confused/irritated grimace. most of these, i don’t even bother to finish. some i skip to the end just to see if it has the same implausible ending i was expecting delivered in a nice red bow. it does. always.

but mostly, i read on because i’m thinking about what my editor would say in the track changes column. i’ve internalized her and given her a lot of extra work. i’ve even given her a british sort of accent, even though i know she’s american, and probably made her quite a bit harsher than she is in person. things she has been saying:

“is this really how you want to word this? because it would probably make the readers want to smack themselves on the head with their ereader and you may be held liable for any damage.”

“show, don’t tell. here, too. and here. really, everywhere, but my fingers have cramped up from saying it so much that i am just sending the whole manuscript back for you to rewrite with that one thought in mind.” (i am happy to say that she’s only had to write the show-don’t-tell comment on mine a couple of times, but i can tell that it’s a real thing for her)

“this doesn’t really make sense. have you researched this? it doesn’t seem possible or plausible.”

“redundant. you’ve used this same word/phrase/wording about a million times in the last two pages. i’ve enclose instructions on how to use a thesaurus.”

see? isn’t she great? actually, these exercises make me feel pretty good about the scripts that i send to her.

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