do not mistake this girl for a nice family pet. lucy’s wolf is driven by the most primal instincts: hunt, protect, attack, and, strangely enough, love.

with an attitude all her own, lucy’s wolf is an important character, herself, in “wherever you go, were you are.” i really love her comments in lucy’s head and it was great to let her out for a couple of chapters of her own.  so here are a few facts about the wolf:

  1. she sheds horribly.
  2. she is not always in agreement with her host.
  3. she’s quite a bit larger than a regular wolf.
  4. she does likes to eat everything, and is not above simply taking what she wants. except durian. but then, who can blame her?
  5. whatever the wolf eats, lucy ends up with the aftertaste when she shifts back. this is a big source of contention between the two. but the wolf really couldn’t care less.
  6. she really loves lucy.

so check out “wherever you go, were you are” and get to know the wolf and her host, lucy! and be sure to get entered in the giveaways on the website and in the blog entry, “giveaways”. there’s a few days left to win!