so, you may have noticed the new digs. the site’s looking good, no? and that’s just one of the changes in the works over here!

i did not forget about the wedding. i promise, ana and lucas will make that trip down the aisle. we will get our “awww” moment. however, one of the changes lately has had a major impact on the magically yours series, which is the reason for the delay in their story. and in the release of book three. for a couple of months, it was all up in the air and spinning around, hard to catch and control. now, though, decisions are being made and hopefully i will have an announcement about their fate rather soon.

in the mean time, don’t think i’m neglecting you, my wonderful readers! i’ve been thinking of ways to fill the gaps, and i think i’ve got just the thing. i’ll do some short stories, in parts, like i did before book one came out. remember that? those made people happy, so we’ll do it again! i’ve got something in the works in that area that i’ll start putting up in the next couple of weeks. in that bunch, i’m thinking we’ll check in with “missing” favs: ro, harrison, faith, and mark. we may also start a new serial a bit closer to “home”…

so, stay tuned, randa readers. i’ll see you soon!