so i promised you some stories on the blog. i’ve settled on the one to start with (cheering is good and encouraged here). to sweeten the anticipation like a smutty scene in one of those novels, i’m going to tease you for a little while. i hear that makes the main event even better. none of that instant gratification stuff here!

so, how about a blurb?  want to know what it is you’re actually waiting on? just a little something to nibble on until the first installment comes out? then snack on this:

Alex is having a bad day. Week. Month. When she meets the charming and distractingly handsome Sam during her binge of beloved romance novels at the local library, she thinks her luck might be changing. And it does…just not in the way she’d hoped. Suddenly she’s caught in something between a mystery and a comedy, unsure which ending would give her a happily ever after.

first installment will be up Aug. 5th!