alexandra lucas is not my typical heroine. generally, i like to have my gals be tough and take-charge. at least on the outside. they have attitude and that kick ass vibe. rowan, ana, and lucy were all different, but in this manner, rather similar.

alex, however, is not. while the others are the kind of women we wish we were, the ones that live in our heads when we think back to how we wished we’d handled something; alex is the kind of girl we actually are. she’s soft and vulnerable, keeps her more sarcastic and disparaging comments to herself.

but that doesn’t make her weak. she’s not a wall flower. she has friends, a good job, a good outlook on life, and suffers from no dramatic relationship baggage that would hinder getting together with a good guy.

what i really like about alex is that she is real in a way the other heroines i’ve written haven’t been. she doesn’t have magic or genius level intelligence to get her through life. but she’s not boring or pathetic or whiny. i hate whiny. she’s relatable and fun. she has quirks and flaws. just like the rest of us, so it’s easy to fall into friendship with her.

so, a little about alex:

she loves romance novels (who doesn’t?), hanging out with her girl friends, food. she loves food almost as much as she reading.

she’s not a proclaimed beauty, but is comfortable in her skin, for the most part. i would describe her as wholesomely pretty. and she’s a computer geek.

she can be a little naive, but then, she’s never really had a reason not to be.

so now that you’ve met her, what do you think about alex? can you picture her yet? ready to see how she’s going to handle the craziness coming her way? next part will be posted on august 19th!