because i am only posting “love by the book” installments every other week, i’ve come to realize that there are some who need a little something to keep them going in the lag time. i don’t blame you. i have been known to gnash my teeth and rail at the wind between books in a series with all the patience of a cat with a marshmallow cream addiction (extra points if you know what i’m talking about). so, the “bye week” between parts 1 and 2, i gave you alex. i considered following a theme and giving you sam this week…

but i didn’t!! hahahaha! that was my evil laugh. did you like it? was it as impressive as i thought it was in my head?

anyway, i didn’t do a “meet the charater” post for sam this time because i don’t think we’re far enough into the story for you to have a real grasp of his character yet. so you’ll have to keep making him up in your own heads for now (and you can even suggest actors you picture him as, or send me pics, and we’ll see if we match up when i do finally give you his post); and instead, i’ll tell you about a different part of the story: the setting.

now, if you’ve read my books, you know i don’t put in too much setting. you know where you are and you get an idea for what’s going on around you for the most part, but i prefer being in the character’s mind, in their moment and seeing what they are focused on rather than what everything looks like all the time. i don’t tend, as some might, to make the setting its own character. it’s just not my style.

that being said, i do have a special place in my heart for the location of this particular story. it’s set in lexington, kentucky. it’s where i went to college at the university of kentucky (go cats!), made some interesting memories, learned to love jane austen, realized i couldn’t just cruise through life and expect to be a success at anything, and basically became an adult (which has nothing, i’ve realized, to do with age). i spent a lot of time at the library, both the campus library and the city libraries. i did not have a shushing librarian interrupt a meet-cute with a good looking guy in the romance section, but i did drop my purse and make quite the commotion once. and i did get shushed at the school library (it is absolutely impossible not to make noise in there! every little sound echoes about a million times!). friends and i would go to the keeneland horse track to watch the races and play, and i absolutely loved driving by all the horse farms. they are beautiful! i think i could be happy living in one of their stables, they are so nice. and did you know that there’s a castle in lexington?! it’s been turned into a fancy hotel now, but – hello! perfect for a modern day fairy tale!

and, of course, we loved the kentucky wildcats. let me correct that. Kentucky Wildcats. yes, they are important enough to get capitalized. i would say that i bleed blue and white, but i’ve seen the movies where crazy stalkers read that kind of thing, and it never ends well for the blogger. the high energy games where the fans went crazy. the nights we camped out for tickets, even if they were rather crappy student seats. the pep rallies and celebrations. that was probably my favorite part of college…well, other than meeting my husband and getting married, of course.

anyway, i did try to incorporate parts of these things into the story, making them a part of alex here and there. and now you know there are pieces of me through out the story.

anyway, next post will be this friday, the 2nd. see you then!