romance novel handsome. fairy tale charming. good to his mother. enjoys a good romance novel. and always has a pair of handcuffs close by…just in case.

almost too good to be true, right? and we should always be suspicious of those. after all, what heterosexual, good looking guy hangs out in the romance section at the library?

and, of course, as all the stories tell us, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. sam was not the nice guy we thought he was. he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!

and yet…it makes us like his even more, doesn’t it? the fact that he wasn’t really so story book perfect? well, it’s what made me like him. that, and the way i’ve been imagining him in my head. (for more pics of how i picture him, visit my pinterest board here)

we don’t know a whole lot about sam yet, and trust me when i say there’s more to him, even still, than meets the reading eye. he’s not dark and brooding, or even a tortured soul like a lot of secretive heroes, but that doesn’t mean he’s without depth. he has layers (not like an onion…more like cake or a parfait), and i can’t wait for you to peel them away as we go along. cuz everybody loves cake.

anyway, how do you like our hero so far? can you picture him? do you like him with alex?

next installment of “love by the book” will be out on the 16th, so stay tuned!