today is usually the day i should be posting a meet the character or some other tidbit about the story. but i can’t because i haven’t actually introduced any new characters to you yet, so that will have to wait until the next “bye week”, when i can introduce you to the dreaded cousin.

so what else to talk about? how about…a really awesome convention where authors and readers hang out and play games and party and swag is floating all around? that’s right, people. i’m heading to romcon next week! it’s my first time there, but everything i’ve read about it and the stories others have told me assure me that it will be totes fun. no, i don’t really speak like that, but i watched a mindless teeny bopper movie today to help inspire a certain character i was writing, and it was just in my head. it will be good, though. i’ve got my swag lined up and ready to go. i got these things called bra boxes that are functional as well as hilarious and awesome:


and the purse hooks i had before


and some cute tote bags (yes, i used it again…but properly). got the new cards printed out, books mailed, and my hair done (very important). i will be one of the authors at the jeopardy game, pj party, and speed dating the author. so if you’re in denver next week, come say hi!