so…that was awesome! that was my first romcon. my first convention ever, really. i’ve been to rwa, and i enjoyed those, but this was a totally different animal!

so romcon is for readers and authors to party together. it’s not about craft and industry or contacts. it’s mostly about fun. i met some great people and had enough fun to last me a month, at least. man, these romance ladies are wild!

i am proud to announce that i am the romcon 2016 twerking champion…and not so proud to admit that i was rather sore from the twerking the next day. stretch, people. it’s important.

there was karaoke, jeopardy, cowboy cover models (and cookies), dance parties, mad libs (which is always interesting with writers), improv comedy by stick horses in pants (freaking hilarious), speed dating, raffles, jeopardy, and strippers! that’s, right. strippers. of the hot male variety.

check out some of these pics:

now, i just want to say that not all of those stripper pics are mine. they were shared with me…and one of them is in the army, so lets all take a moment to thank him for his…service.

i had other pics, but i can’t seem to get them to transfer from my phone. i don’t know why. i will be the first to admit that i am not what anyone could call tech savy, so you may have to just wait until i remember to get help.

there is a video of me twerking on facebook somewhere, too. i’m the one in white with balloons stuffed down my shirt. yeah, don’t ask.

anyhoo, i will definitely plan to go back to this con, and i seriously encourage all of you to attend, too. if for no other reason than to help us all thank these men, again, for their service.