so i was doing some quick fact checking for the newest book in the “magically yours” series (coming, hopefully, in the next few months). i needed to know if something i’d mentioned in a draft of book 2 (wherever you go, were you are) made it into the published copy or if i needed to add it into book 3. so i bought my own book (and felt mildly silly doing it). it was good to do, i suppose, because it reminded me how much i enjoyed the story as i wrote it. so much so, that i decided to just read it all the way through rather than just look for that one piece of info. which is how i came to the horrible realization that there are a couple of pages missing. COMPLETELY. FREAKING. MISSING.

granted, a couple of pages isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but these particular passages were rather necessary, in my opinion, to the flow of the story! without them, the ending is extremely rushed! we go from the good guys preparing to head off in search of the bad guy, all tension fraught and whatnot, to the bad guy suddenly standing in front of them ready for the final confrontation! we miss the part explaining where they are, how they got there, and a glimpse into the stalker’s crazy mind. how this got missed, i’m not sure, but i suspect it had to do with word count issues (one of the main reasons i have decided not to go with a different publisher and try the world of self publishing for a while). now, having read the story without the missing pages, i feel, as a reader, a bit cheated, which i can imagine is the same as any readers who aren’t aware of the mistake.

so, the apology: i am so sorry for this oversight. i have seriously been chewing my nails and beating my forehead against the keyboard over this the past couple of days. if you have read the book and felt it was rushed, i feel you! it was rushed!

the solution: i can’t publish a new edition with the pages reinserted because i no longer have the rights to the book and am no longer with that publisher. however, i can publish those pages here. you’ll find them attached. they should have been at the beginning of chapter 21. hopefully, this will reach everyone who has read it, as well as those who will read it in the future. if you know people who have read it, share this with them, too!