so, here is something i’ve discovered the past year: indie publishing is hard work! holy cow, it’s so much. and keeping it all straight is driving me crazy. the scheduling is hectic and frustrating, there is so much less time for the actual writing, i have no experience with marketing and formatting and art work, and when my regular routine is interrupted, it takes me far too long to catch back up. oh, and i am too easily distracted. by books. and netflix. and youtube. hours lost there, folks. who knew?

anyway, finally have things moving a little faster now, so here’s the update:

those of you that loved “love by the book” on the blog will be happy to know that it is currently into editing now and will be released in time for the wedding season on kindle! unfortunately, for those that did not get to read it, or finish is, i have removed it from the blog now in preparation for release in about a month and a half. sorry! but the edited version will be so much better, so you’re in luck!

the cover for “love by the book” is also due out very soon, in the next few days, so be on the look out for that reveal.

the third book for magically yours will be out after the summer. i’m thinking close to halloween would be a good time to release that one, but i’ll be sure to get a more accurate date to you when i have it set in stone. i wanted to wait on that one until i have the rights back for the first two, and that will happen in a few months! i will add back in the missing pages to book two and rerelease that, as well, before book 3. more on that later in the year.

the plans for conventions/conferences this year have all fallen through. boo! the first, romcon, is not happening at all this year, but will be back next year. rwa is in florida this year and i was stoked to go! then we realized that i would have the kids with me and my husband can’t make it with us to the states this summer and i have no child care in florida. bummer. then i signed up for penned con in st. louis (because i really really really wanted to see rachel van dyken), but it filled up too fast and i got wait listed! i may still get in, but can’t bank on it. so there you have it. i’m a recluse this year! guess that means i have to spend more time actually at my computer cranking out words instead socializing. them’s the breaks.

that’s it for now, folks! catch you later when i have more news.