so, i tried my hand at making my own facebook ad to promote the new book (which you can order here). what did i discover was the hardest part? the design, right? noooo (although that was no day in the sun, either). following facebook ad guidelines? not gonna lie, i didn’t even think to check them until after (i’m sharp like that). dealing with the photo editing software? well…that was a close second. a really close second. those struggles could have their own post…or ten. but, no, that wasn’t the worst part. that honor goes to…

writing the copy.

some of you may wonder what “the copy” is. i’ll tell you, though i wish you wouldn’t make me put it out there. it’s even more embarrassing. copy is the catch phrase or tag line or whatever used in the ad to describe the product and tempt the buyer. it’s the WORDS. yes, the words. that was the hardest part. for the writer….

i finally outsourced all of it, having been completely humbled (or possibly humiliated) by photoshop. and gave the lady i hired to make the ad a nice laugh over the fact that i couldn’t write the copy for the ad promoting my own book.

it’s a good thing i have a quirky sense of humor, or that could have given me a complex. luckily i’m still as obnoxiously confident as ever!