so my kids are constantly saying how grown ups are so lucky. “they get to do whatever they want” and “they don’t have to do what their parents or teachers tell them” and, of course, “they don’t have homework.” usually, i inform them that being an adult is not as much fun as they think, that it comes with a lot of stress and responsibilities. but as i have taken a few days off to celebrate finishing “love by the book”, i’ve realized something. it really is so much better being a grown up! honestly, i don’t think you could pay me to go back to childhood, or even those “awesome” teenage years i’m dreading my kids hitting. ugh, it was terrible. and i always thought it would be great to be an adult. when i talk to my kids about it, though, i point out that it’s not like they seem to think, where we can just run around, completely without rules or demands on us, having one big party of a life. but there really are some of the great things i always thought of as a perk of adulthood.

so, my list of examples of life being exactly the way i thought it would be:

  1. yesterday, i had doritos for breakfast. and lunch. in bed. while i played on the computer.
  2. i get whatever junk food i want at the store, and don’t have to share!
  3. i can stay up as late as i want, just reading or watching a movie
  4. i don’t have to be home from hanging out with friends at any particular time
  5. i can watch whatever i want

these things have made my adulthood soooo much better than childhood. yes, there are stresses that i didn’t have as a kid…but overall, i think the trade off is worth it. bottom line, the kids are right. being a grown up is awesome. which is good, since i can use it as incentive for them to behave well enough through those difficult teenage years to get to the  fun stuff as an adult.