so my newest release, “love by the book“, is a bit different from my previous work. for one, it’s my first straight up contemporary rather than paranormal or suspense. but more importantly, i’d say it has a different heat level. to be honest, i’ve been a bit nervous about that as the number of pre-orders has clicked up. some have asked why i’ve made that move and what that means for my future books. so here i will explain what’s going on.

first, this book does not have any graphic sex. i didn’t take that big of a step away from my norm. when i say the heat level is higher, keep in mind that the heat level for the previous three was pretty low. this one is more descriptive and has more steamy moments, but no actual sex.

second, there is a good reason for this change! see, i like to poke fun. laughing is a big part of my life. while i absolutely love the romance genre, i have to admit that there’s quite a bit of the ridiculous in it! this book is sort of my ode to bodice rippers. you know bodice rippers, yes? my odes happen to be in the form of teasing. so “love by the book” is my way of teasing the world of bodice ripper romance. in order to do that, there are a couple of things that have to be addressed…such as the smexy scenes.

third, this means very little for my future works’ heat level. my focus will remain the same as i go ahead. you can always expect romance with a bit of sass, some good laughs, and an HEA.

so, that’s it. “love by the book” is a light-hearted read with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor at the expense of our beloved romance genre…a bit of total sticking the tongue out irreverence here and there, as well. enjoy!