so, i’ve been gone for a while. the kids and i made the round of family and friends in the states over the summer. then we had the big move to our new town in china. this was not a smooth move, but after a month of being here, we are mostly settled and i love it here!

so much that i’ve had a much easier time with the writing as i work on the next book! remember the magically yours series?  i’ve had a lot of questions about when i will have book 3 out. originally, it was going to be last year and it was going to be andi’s story. but it was put on the back burner and i worked on the bridesmaids instead. but i think it’s time to get back to the wacky gang at para-wise investigations! i’ve missed them! now, there is a change in the line up, though. i think andi’s story needs to simmer a little longer, but lil is totally ready to step up to the plate. i’m  pretty excited about this one. lil is a bit different from ana and lucy. she’s not as crazy as ana, not as grouchy as lucy. but she has a secret and a past her friends are unaware of, so of course it comes back to bite her.

coming the end of october, lillian aberdeen takes the stage. hit me up on social media or in the comments if you want a little more (i’ll answer two questions, with no spoilers, from the first two to find me!). cover reveal october 6th!