i love the fall season. the nice crisp weather, the pretty leaves, the colorful decorations. i love the food and the specialty drinks that smell like cinnamon and nutmeg and oranges. and i absolutely adore curling up by a big window with a comfy blanket, while the wind blows the leaves about outside, to read a good book. Give me a mug of really awesome cider, and it’s my version of heaven.

so, halloween is coming and, no surprise i’m sure, but i love it, too. people say the christmas season feels magic, but i really think the magic starts around halloween. all that joy and fun in make believe. unfortunately, halloween is not a thing here in china, so i guess i’ll have to eat a bunch of candy by myself. with my cider. by the window. with a good book.

speaking of which, if you know anyone looking for some good halloween reads, pass along the new ad!

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