so remember when i promised a few things to keep you happy until the new release date? well, here’s the first. i have had ten questions about the newest book in the “magically yours” series. there are some i’ll answer, some i hesitate to answer, and some that cross that spoiler line.

  1. who are the main characters? A: Lil Aberdeen headlines this book. she’s the other witch on staff at para-wise investigations. if you’ve read the first two books, you may remember a few snippets of her here and there. She’s so pretty, her friends wish they had a reason to hate her, and she’s quite a bit more sane than ana, the witch from the first story, “love the one you’re witch”. Along with Lil, there is a new leading man, a faerie godmother a bit different from the stories growing up, and a feisty magic mirror.
  2. will the characters from the previous two books make an appearance? A: yes, you will see all of them, including ollie.
  3. will we get to see more from ollie? A: yes, he has a brief appearance in lil’s story.
  4. will ollie be changed into a vampire with ana? A: um…no. that hadn’t occurred to me, and i don’t think he’d enjoy that.
  5. does lil have a familiar? A: she hasn’t had one in the previous two stories, but i’ll let you in on a little secret. she will by the end of this one.
  6. why doesn’t lil have a familiar? A: that one, i can’t answer without giving some of the bigger things away!
  7. is the necklace the witch on the cover is wearing actually a part of the story? A: why yes. yes, it is. i actually went back after the cover was done and added it myself.
  8. what makes lil so different from ana? A: hm…tough one to answer without giving too much away. i guess i’d say that while ana is quirky and brash, lil is very much the lady…if a rather reluctant one.
  9. is lil going to end up with the man she refers to in lucy’s story? the one that preferred to be unhappy than accept who fate had chosen for him? A: sorry, i can’t answer that one, either! i can only say that he will be in her story!
  10. in the newest ad for “all’s fae in love and war”, it says that it is a sassy twist on classic fairy tales. which fairy tales are you twisting? A: ha! i love the way that one is worded. it’s completely fitting, too! i am twisting a few tales. not sure i want to tell you exactly which ones, cuz that would take away some of the fun for later. let’s just say there’s a pretty wide selection. lil and her client are, after all, in the fae realm….

okay, folks, that’s it for now. hope you liked the q&a setting. check back for more fun stuff soon to get ready for the release of “all’s fae in love and war”, november 15th! we’ll have some meet the character posts, maybe a contest, and a giveaway! see you soon!