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so remember when i promised a few things to keep you happy until the new release date? well, here’s the first. i have had ten questions about the newest book in the “magically yours” series. there are some i’ll answer, some i hesitate to answer, and some that cross that spoiler line.

  1. who are the main characters? A: Lil Aberdeen headlines this book. she’s the other witch on staff at para-wise investigations. if you’ve read the first two books, you may remember a few snippets of her here and there. She’s so pretty, her friends wish they had a reason to hate her, and she’s quite a bit more sane than ana, the witch from the first story, “love the one you’re witch”. Along with Lil, there is a new leading man, a faerie godmother a bit different from the stories growing up, and a feisty magic mirror.
  2. will the characters from the previous two books make an appearance? A: yes, you will see all of them, including ollie.
  3. will we get to see more from ollie? A: yes, he has a brief appearance in lil’s story.
  4. will ollie be changed into a vampire with ana? A: um…no. that hadn’t occurred to me, and i don’t think he’d enjoy that.
  5. does lil have a familiar? A: she hasn’t had one in the previous two stories, but i’ll let you in on a little secret. she will by the end of this one.
  6. why doesn’t lil have a familiar? A: that one, i can’t answer without giving some of the bigger things away!
  7. is the necklace the witch on the cover is wearing actually a part of the story? A: why yes. yes, it is. i actually went back after the cover was done and added it myself.
  8. what makes lil so different from ana? A: hm…tough one to answer without giving too much away. i guess i’d say that while ana is quirky and brash, lil is very much the lady…if a rather reluctant one.
  9. is lil going to end up with the man she refers to in lucy’s story? the one that preferred to be unhappy than accept who fate had chosen for him? A: sorry, i can’t answer that one, either! i can only say that he will be in her story!
  10. in the newest ad for “all’s fae in love and war”, it says that it is a sassy twist on classic fairy tales. which fairy tales are you twisting? A: ha! i love the way that one is worded. it’s completely fitting, too! i am twisting a few tales. not sure i want to tell you exactly which ones, cuz that would take away some of the fun for later. let’s just say there’s a pretty wide selection. lil and her client are, after all, in the fae realm….

okay, folks, that’s it for now. hope you liked the q&a setting. check back for more fun stuff soon to get ready for the release of “all’s fae in love and war”, november 15th! we’ll have some meet the character posts, maybe a contest, and a giveaway! see you soon!



magically yours book 3 reveal!

introducing the third book in the “magically yours” series:

pink cover with owl

hope you’re as excited for this one as i am. but in case you need some more incentive, here are a few things you can expect in this story:

  1. a new familiar
  2. a new take on some familiar characters
  3. lots and lots of glitter

more to come soon, release date is tentatively set for october 31st!


hey, do you know what today is? the 5th! which means tomorrow is the 6th. and do you know what happens on the 6th? cover release!!

i’m pretty excited for the new magically yours book. i’ve been really loving being in lil’s head and telling her story. she’s so different from her predecessors and the cover, i think, really reflects that. so tune back in tomorrow, october 6th, for the cover reveal and a few clues about what to expect.

yay for fall!

i love the fall season. the nice crisp weather, the pretty leaves, the colorful decorations. i love the food and the specialty drinks that smell like cinnamon and nutmeg and oranges. and i absolutely adore curling up by a big window with a comfy blanket, while the wind blows the leaves about outside, to read a good book. Give me a mug of really awesome cider, and it’s my version of heaven.

so, halloween is coming and, no surprise i’m sure, but i love it, too. people say the christmas season feels magic, but i really think the magic starts around halloween. all that joy and fun in make believe. unfortunately, halloween is not a thing here in china, so i guess i’ll have to eat a bunch of candy by myself. with my cider. by the window. with a good book.

speaking of which, if you know anyone looking for some good halloween reads, pass along the new ad!

ad 5

coming soon…

so, i’ve been gone for a while. the kids and i made the round of family and friends in the states over the summer. then we had the big move to our new town in china. this was not a smooth move, but after a month of being here, we are mostly settled and i love it here!

so much that i’ve had a much easier time with the writing as i work on the next book! remember the magically yours series?  i’ve had a lot of questions about when i will have book 3 out. originally, it was going to be last year and it was going to be andi’s story. but it was put on the back burner and i worked on the bridesmaids instead. but i think it’s time to get back to the wacky gang at para-wise investigations! i’ve missed them! now, there is a change in the line up, though. i think andi’s story needs to simmer a little longer, but lil is totally ready to step up to the plate. i’m  pretty excited about this one. lil is a bit different from ana and lucy. she’s not as crazy as ana, not as grouchy as lucy. but she has a secret and a past her friends are unaware of, so of course it comes back to bite her.

coming the end of october, lillian aberdeen takes the stage. hit me up on social media or in the comments if you want a little more (i’ll answer two questions, with no spoilers, from the first two to find me!). cover reveal october 6th!

an announcement and apology to readers of “wherever you go…”

so i was doing some quick fact checking for the newest book in the “magically yours” series (coming, hopefully, in the next few months). i needed to know if something i’d mentioned in a draft of book 2 (wherever you go, were you are) made it into the published copy or if i needed to add it into book 3. so i bought my own book (and felt mildly silly doing it). it was good to do, i suppose, because it reminded me how much i enjoyed the story as i wrote it. so much so, that i decided to just read it all the way through rather than just look for that one piece of info. which is how i came to the horrible realization that there are a couple of pages missing. COMPLETELY. FREAKING. MISSING.

granted, a couple of pages isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but these particular passages were rather necessary, in my opinion, to the flow of the story! without them, the ending is extremely rushed! we go from the good guys preparing to head off in search of the bad guy, all tension fraught and whatnot, to the bad guy suddenly standing in front of them ready for the final confrontation! we miss the part explaining where they are, how they got there, and a glimpse into the stalker’s crazy mind. how this got missed, i’m not sure, but i suspect it had to do with word count issues (one of the main reasons i have decided not to go with a different publisher and try the world of self publishing for a while). now, having read the story without the missing pages, i feel, as a reader, a bit cheated, which i can imagine is the same as any readers who aren’t aware of the mistake.

so, the apology: i am so sorry for this oversight. i have seriously been chewing my nails and beating my forehead against the keyboard over this the past couple of days. if you have read the book and felt it was rushed, i feel you! it was rushed!

the solution: i can’t publish a new edition with the pages reinserted because i no longer have the rights to the book and am no longer with that publisher. however, i can publish those pages here. you’ll find them attached. they should have been at the beginning of chapter 21. hopefully, this will reach everyone who has read it, as well as those who will read it in the future. if you know people who have read it, share this with them, too!


what i’m writing

“I’m sure it’ll work out fine.”

“You mean he’ll be proven innocent and they’ll let him go with a public apology?” I asked hopefully. Sometimes, I really am as naive as they think.

“Um…yeah, sure.”

I scrunched my nose at her. “You’re usually a much better liar.”


coming soon to a novel near you…


i often joke about the horrors of living in china, but in all honesty, there are parts about it that i absolutely love. case in point: chinese new year vacay. the kids are out of school for almost a month, the hubby’s out for two weeks, and traveling here is just so cheap and convenient. there’s so much close by that it’s so easy to take quick trips to amazing places. the past few weeks, we’ve hopped from guilin (for caves, mountains, and pretty cool parks), hong kong (for fun with cousins and great food), and malaysia (for beach, snorkeling, fireflies, and monkeys). i got to see some truly beautiful and inspirational things that i am psyched to put into stories: mountains shrouded in misty clouds, beaches where blankets of fish stretched across the surfaces, fire flies (not to be confused with lightning bugs in the states) that lit up trees like faerie lights, and so much more! i’ve got a few story ideas set in these areas floating around my noggin now and can’t seem to type fast enough to keep up with the words. and my current story (number 3 in the magically yours series) is flowing pretty freely, too, after taking a bit of a break from it to travel. it was just all around awesome!

there was one particular adventure we took, a truly harrowing boat ride in malaysia, that is just begging to be in a book…if for no other reason than to get it out of my nightmares! i was secretly terrified, though i did my best to be calm and reassuring for the kids…and two of my kids, while scared, fell asleep during it. it’s a good thing i don’t write children’s books…tough crowd.

meet the character: lucy’s wolf

do not mistake this girl for a nice family pet. lucy’s wolf is driven by the most primal instincts: hunt, protect, attack, and, strangely enough, love.

with an attitude all her own, lucy’s wolf is an important character, herself, in “wherever you go, were you are.” i really love her comments in lucy’s head and it was great to let her out for a couple of chapters of her own.  so here are a few facts about the wolf:

  1. she sheds horribly.
  2. she is not always in agreement with her host.
  3. she’s quite a bit larger than a regular wolf.
  4. she does likes to eat everything, and is not above simply taking what she wants. except durian. but then, who can blame her?
  5. whatever the wolf eats, lucy ends up with the aftertaste when she shifts back. this is a big source of contention between the two. but the wolf really couldn’t care less.
  6. she really loves lucy.

so check out “wherever you go, were you are” and get to know the wolf and her host, lucy! and be sure to get entered in the giveaways on the website and in the blog entry, “giveaways”. there’s a few days left to win!

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