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an announcement and apology to readers of “wherever you go…”

so i was doing some quick fact checking for the newest book in the “magically yours” series (coming, hopefully, in the next few months). i needed to know if something i’d mentioned in a draft of book 2 (wherever you go, were you are) made it into the published copy or if i needed to add it into book 3. so i bought my own book (and felt mildly silly doing it). it was good to do, i suppose, because it reminded me how much i enjoyed the story as i wrote it. so much so, that i decided to just read it all the way through rather than just look for that one piece of info. which is how i came to the horrible realization that there are a couple of pages missing. COMPLETELY. FREAKING. MISSING.

granted, a couple of pages isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but these particular passages were rather necessary, in my opinion, to the flow of the story! without them, the ending is extremely rushed! we go from the good guys preparing to head off in search of the bad guy, all tension fraught and whatnot, to the bad guy suddenly standing in front of them ready for the final confrontation! we miss the part explaining where they are, how they got there, and a glimpse into the stalker’s crazy mind. how this got missed, i’m not sure, but i suspect it had to do with word count issues (one of the main reasons i have decided not to go with a different publisher and try the world of self publishing for a while). now, having read the story without the missing pages, i feel, as a reader, a bit cheated, which i can imagine is the same as any readers who aren’t aware of the mistake.

so, the apology: i am so sorry for this oversight. i have seriously been chewing my nails and beating my forehead against the keyboard over this the past couple of days. if you have read the book and felt it was rushed, i feel you! it was rushed!

the solution: i can’t publish a new edition with the pages reinserted because i no longer have the rights to the book and am no longer with that publisher. however, i can publish those pages here. you’ll find them attached. they should have been at the beginning of chapter 21. hopefully, this will reach everyone who has read it, as well as those who will read it in the future. if you know people who have read it, share this with them, too!


romcon 2016

so…that was awesome! that was my first romcon. my first convention ever, really. i’ve been to rwa, and i enjoyed those, but this was a totally different animal!

so romcon is for readers and authors to party together. it’s not about craft and industry or contacts. it’s mostly about fun. i met some great people and had enough fun to last me a month, at least. man, these romance ladies are wild!

i am proud to announce that i am the romcon 2016 twerking champion…and not so proud to admit that i was rather sore from the twerking the next day. stretch, people. it’s important.

there was karaoke, jeopardy, cowboy cover models (and cookies), dance parties, mad libs (which is always interesting with writers), improv comedy by stick horses in pants (freaking hilarious), speed dating, raffles, jeopardy, and strippers! that’s, right. strippers. of the hot male variety.

check out some of these pics:

now, i just want to say that not all of those stripper pics are mine. they were shared with me…and one of them is in the army, so lets all take a moment to thank him for his…service.

i had other pics, but i can’t seem to get them to transfer from my phone. i don’t know why. i will be the first to admit that i am not what anyone could call tech savy, so you may have to just wait until i remember to get help.

there is a video of me twerking on facebook somewhere, too. i’m the one in white with balloons stuffed down my shirt. yeah, don’t ask.

anyhoo, i will definitely plan to go back to this con, and i seriously encourage all of you to attend, too. if for no other reason than to help us all thank these men, again, for their service.

romcon, baby!

today is usually the day i should be posting a meet the character or some other tidbit about the story. but i can’t because i haven’t actually introduced any new characters to you yet, so that will have to wait until the next “bye week”, when i can introduce you to the dreaded cousin.

so what else to talk about? how about…a really awesome convention where authors and readers hang out and play games and party and swag is floating all around? that’s right, people. i’m heading to romcon next week! it’s my first time there, but everything i’ve read about it and the stories others have told me assure me that it will be totes fun. no, i don’t really speak like that, but i watched a mindless teeny bopper movie today to help inspire a certain character i was writing, and it was just in my head. it will be good, though. i’ve got my swag lined up and ready to go. i got these things called bra boxes that are functional as well as hilarious and awesome:


and the purse hooks i had before


and some cute tote bags (yes, i used it again…but properly). got the new cards printed out, books mailed, and my hair done (very important). i will be one of the authors at the jeopardy game, pj party, and speed dating the author. so if you’re in denver next week, come say hi!



so part 4 of “love by the book” was supposed to post on friday. unfortunately…or fortunately, if you’re me, my husband has decided to take the family on vacation for a few days and i will not be here to put it up. so the post will have to be delayed until monday, the 19th. i’ll try not to have too much fun at the beach as penance…but i can’t promise anything.

meet the character: agent samson lewis

romance novel handsome. fairy tale charming. good to his mother. enjoys a good romance novel. and always has a pair of handcuffs close by…just in case.

almost too good to be true, right? and we should always be suspicious of those. after all, what heterosexual, good looking guy hangs out in the romance section at the library?

and, of course, as all the stories tell us, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. sam was not the nice guy we thought he was. he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!

and yet…it makes us like his even more, doesn’t it? the fact that he wasn’t really so story book perfect? well, it’s what made me like him. that, and the way i’ve been imagining him in my head. (for more pics of how i picture him, visit my pinterest board here)

we don’t know a whole lot about sam yet, and trust me when i say there’s more to him, even still, than meets the reading eye. he’s not dark and brooding, or even a tortured soul like a lot of secretive heroes, but that doesn’t mean he’s without depth. he has layers (not like an onion…more like cake or a parfait), and i can’t wait for you to peel them away as we go along. cuz everybody loves cake.

anyway, how do you like our hero so far? can you picture him? do you like him with alex?

next installment of “love by the book” will be out on the 16th, so stay tuned!

an in between snack

because i am only posting “love by the book” installments every other week, i’ve come to realize that there are some who need a little something to keep them going in the lag time. i don’t blame you. i have been known to gnash my teeth and rail at the wind between books in a series with all the patience of a cat with a marshmallow cream addiction (extra points if you know what i’m talking about). so, the “bye week” between parts 1 and 2, i gave you alex. i considered following a theme and giving you sam this week…

but i didn’t!! hahahaha! that was my evil laugh. did you like it? was it as impressive as i thought it was in my head?

anyway, i didn’t do a “meet the charater” post for sam this time because i don’t think we’re far enough into the story for you to have a real grasp of his character yet. so you’ll have to keep making him up in your own heads for now (and you can even suggest actors you picture him as, or send me pics, and we’ll see if we match up when i do finally give you his post); and instead, i’ll tell you about a different part of the story: the setting.

now, if you’ve read my books, you know i don’t put in too much setting. you know where you are and you get an idea for what’s going on around you for the most part, but i prefer being in the character’s mind, in their moment and seeing what they are focused on rather than what everything looks like all the time. i don’t tend, as some might, to make the setting its own character. it’s just not my style.

that being said, i do have a special place in my heart for the location of this particular story. it’s set in lexington, kentucky. it’s where i went to college at the university of kentucky (go cats!), made some interesting memories, learned to love jane austen, realized i couldn’t just cruise through life and expect to be a success at anything, and basically became an adult (which has nothing, i’ve realized, to do with age). i spent a lot of time at the library, both the campus library and the city libraries. i did not have a shushing librarian interrupt a meet-cute with a good looking guy in the romance section, but i did drop my purse and make quite the commotion once. and i did get shushed at the school library (it is absolutely impossible not to make noise in there! every little sound echoes about a million times!). friends and i would go to the keeneland horse track to watch the races and play, and i absolutely loved driving by all the horse farms. they are beautiful! i think i could be happy living in one of their stables, they are so nice. and did you know that there’s a castle in lexington?! it’s been turned into a fancy hotel now, but – hello! perfect for a modern day fairy tale!

and, of course, we loved the kentucky wildcats. let me correct that. Kentucky Wildcats. yes, they are important enough to get capitalized. i would say that i bleed blue and white, but i’ve seen the movies where crazy stalkers read that kind of thing, and it never ends well for the blogger. the high energy games where the fans went crazy. the nights we camped out for tickets, even if they were rather crappy student seats. the pep rallies and celebrations. that was probably my favorite part of college…well, other than meeting my husband and getting married, of course.

anyway, i did try to incorporate parts of these things into the story, making them a part of alex here and there. and now you know there are pieces of me through out the story.

anyway, next post will be this friday, the 2nd. see you then!

meet the character: Alex

alexandra lucas is not my typical heroine. generally, i like to have my gals be tough and take-charge. at least on the outside. they have attitude and that kick ass vibe. rowan, ana, and lucy were all different, but in this manner, rather similar.

alex, however, is not. while the others are the kind of women we wish we were, the ones that live in our heads when we think back to how we wished we’d handled something; alex is the kind of girl we actually are. she’s soft and vulnerable, keeps her more sarcastic and disparaging comments to herself.

but that doesn’t make her weak. she’s not a wall flower. she has friends, a good job, a good outlook on life, and suffers from no dramatic relationship baggage that would hinder getting together with a good guy.

what i really like about alex is that she is real in a way the other heroines i’ve written haven’t been. she doesn’t have magic or genius level intelligence to get her through life. but she’s not boring or pathetic or whiny. i hate whiny. she’s relatable and fun. she has quirks and flaws. just like the rest of us, so it’s easy to fall into friendship with her.

so, a little about alex:

she loves romance novels (who doesn’t?), hanging out with her girl friends, food. she loves food almost as much as she reading.

she’s not a proclaimed beauty, but is comfortable in her skin, for the most part. i would describe her as wholesomely pretty. and she’s a computer geek.

she can be a little naive, but then, she’s never really had a reason not to be.

so now that you’ve met her, what do you think about alex? can you picture her yet? ready to see how she’s going to handle the craziness coming her way? next part will be posted on august 19th!

a little taste

so i promised you some stories on the blog. i’ve settled on the one to start with (cheering is good and encouraged here). to sweeten the anticipation like a smutty scene in one of those novels, i’m going to tease you for a little while. i hear that makes the main event even better. none of that instant gratification stuff here!

so, how about a blurb?  want to know what it is you’re actually waiting on? just a little something to nibble on until the first installment comes out? then snack on this:

Alex is having a bad day. Week. Month. When she meets the charming and distractingly handsome Sam during her binge of beloved romance novels at the local library, she thinks her luck might be changing. And it does…just not in the way she’d hoped. Suddenly she’s caught in something between a mystery and a comedy, unsure which ending would give her a happily ever after.

first installment will be up Aug. 5th!


changes…they are a comin’

so, you may have noticed the new digs. the site’s looking good, no? and that’s just one of the changes in the works over here!

i did not forget about the wedding. i promise, ana and lucas will make that trip down the aisle. we will get our “awww” moment. however, one of the changes lately has had a major impact on the magically yours series, which is the reason for the delay in their story. and in the release of book three. for a couple of months, it was all up in the air and spinning around, hard to catch and control. now, though, decisions are being made and hopefully i will have an announcement about their fate rather soon.

in the mean time, don’t think i’m neglecting you, my wonderful readers! i’ve been thinking of ways to fill the gaps, and i think i’ve got just the thing. i’ll do some short stories, in parts, like i did before book one came out. remember that? those made people happy, so we’ll do it again! i’ve got something in the works in that area that i’ll start putting up in the next couple of weeks. in that bunch, i’m thinking we’ll check in with “missing” favs: ro, harrison, faith, and mark. we may also start a new serial a bit closer to “home”…

so, stay tuned, randa readers. i’ll see you soon!

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