with “missing” up for pre-order now, and set to release on the 15th, i’ve been posting some pics and little snippets from the story on social media. those have gotten a pretty good response, but i feel like there’s more to be said for it, things that just can’t be condensed into a couple of lines. luckily, i have a blog for just that reason!! so here is why i loved this story:

rowan is not your typical romantic heroine. she doesn’t fit into the stereotypical damsel box. you certainly won’t find her going up to the dark attic to investigate a strange noise when there’s a killer after her. she’s real and realistic (as much as a completely made up person can be, of course). she’s flawed, certainly, but who isn’t? i love that about her. i also love that she is able to recognize and work on those flaws. i love that she grows in the story. i think we’ve all been beaten over the head well enough with needy heroines or women who have been scarred by a relationship so badly that they can’t possibly move on. rowan is not that woman. she’s the woman that would read about those angsty chicks and roll her eyes at the drama. she learns, she applies logic, and she grows. perfect she is not! but awesome? goodness, yes.

i really enjoyed building this character. she developed rather quickly and easily in my mind, her background fleshing out the reasons for certain intricacies in her personality without much encouragement from me! it made the contradictions in her character make sense: confident, yet unsure of herself; smart and savvy yet strangely naive; strongly independent, but still affected by the opinions of others; manipulative, yet oddly sweet and sensitive. i loved giving her a story and can’t wait for everyone to meet her!

want to learn more about rowan? check out the character page on my website. and, of course, don’t forget to order her story here!